Scared Pooch Is Rescued From The Middle Of Busy Motorway

Caters_NewsPublished: April 20, 201762,192 views
Published: April 20, 2017

Fear is such a terrible feeling; some situations can even leave you paralyzed. One unfortunate little soul had that same experience, after it was abandoned on a busy highway in Bucharest, the capitol of Romania.

Things could have ended terribly for the puppy, if it weren't for one brave soul that found himself on that same spot that day. Veterinary surgeon Ovidiu Rosu was driving on that same highway when he noticed the frightened pup hiding under the railing between the lanes. The professional pulled up on the lip of the road and and knew he had to calculate his next move to the detail, if he wanted to successfully rescue the poor animal.

Ovidiu crossed the busy road and approached the tiny dog in a crouch, making sure not to scare him further. You can notice immediately that he gains the puppy's trust, because the pup starts crawling slowly towards him. A few loving strokes later and Ovidiu has won the puppy over, so he picks him up by the neck and cradles him tightly, so that it wouldn't wiggle away and back into oncoming traffic.

The whole endeavor was caught on tape by Ovidiu companion and we couldn't be more happy about it. The pooch has found a new loving home in the hands of someone who will take much, much better care for him!

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