Friendly Bear Joins Photographers During Photo Shoot

StoryfulPublished: April 19, 201738,112 views
Published: April 19, 2017

Obviously, when you go after a career of a wildlife photographer you expect to come in close contact with local wildlife, but this guy got more than he asked for. He was enjoying the perfect Alaskan view on McNeil river when a huge bear appeared behind his back and decided to relax with these humans for a while.

Photographer Drew Hamilton got more than he bargained for when he set out to capture life on McNeil River. The Anchorage native worked at the McNeil River and was taking in all nature had to offer when a bear decided to join him. The massive beast had just woken from a nap and sat down beside Drew’s chair as he watched other bears playing down river. However, the bear didn’t keep him company for very long. The bear must have thought they were fishermen and expected a few treats, but fortunately it wasn’t too hungry. Shortly after, the bear walked off to the water and joined his pals for some fish.

Alaskan Peninsula brown bears are the second largest type of brown bear in the world and usually weigh between 800 to 1,200lbs (360 to 540kg). The bears eat a variety of foods, including salmon, grasses and berries, but are capable of hunting moose and caribou.

Brown bears are hunted in Alaska for their skulls and hides and around 500 are killed every year. Bear hunting seasons is held in spring and autumn, but it is illegal to kill cubs and females with offspring.

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