Emotional Moment Father And Daughter Are Reunited After Spending 35 Years Apart

Published April 18, 2017 2,950 Plays

Rumble A heartwarming video has emerged from a father and his daughter being reunited after spending 35 years apart.
Footage shows Dwight Craig, from Elkton, Michigan, USA walking nervously towards the front door and into the front porch to met his long-lost daughter. A moment he has waited for more than three decades!

Watch how tentatively Dwight approaches his daughter Carrie’s car and the moment she emerges from the vehicle they embrace into a long, warm hug, with arms stretched wide and tear stained cheeks.

Loving daughter Carrie drove 550 miles from her hometown in Flint, Michigan only for this emotional reunion with her father. For many years, Carrie had an empty feeling inside about not knowing her father. However, all of that went away the moment he put his arms around her.

The moment these two saw each other they bursted into tears on joy! Carrie got to meet her little brother and her children finally met their grandpa. What a loving family moment!

These two lost touch when Craig moved away after divorcing Carrie’s mother, and after wondering about him for nearly her entire life, Carrie finally summoned the courage to confront the missing void in her life and met her father in December 2016.

Carrie found her long-lost father on Facebook and started communicating with him, trying to make up for lost time in all that they have missed in each other’s lives.

These two might have spent 35 years apart, but they have new memories ahead that are still to be made and they got a second chance to change that!

“This is a new leaf and journey for us all, it really is a dream come true” says Carrie in tears!