Touching Moment A Seal Hugs Diver And They Instantly Become Friends

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Published: April 18, 2017

People who visit the great outdoors consider themselves lucky to even see a wild animal cross their path. Seeing the beasts of the wild in their natural habitat can be a blessing unlike any other. Sure, some of them can hurt you if they feel threatened, so it is best to steer clear of their path once you do comes across it.

But every once in a while, a wild animal will decide to approach you, curious to get to know you and will even interact with you as their visitor. One freediver had that exact honor while on one of his dives, when a seal pup wanted to greet him in a very intimate way.

John Dornellas from Florida was videoing himself in the sea when a curious seal pup stole the limelight. The 34-year-old can be seen interacting very closely with this curious marine youngster, as the seal nuzzles up to his face and hugs him with its flippers.*
The free diver, spearfishing instructor and also videographer, says he had never encountered a seal so up close and personal before. He shared the video with the followers on his Instagram profile ‘ibreathewater’, who were bewildered by the miraculous friendship.

John says that he was in a great mood that day, super relaxed and happy, and the interaction with the animal just made his day that much better! “I’ve been in the water with plenty of seals, but none as curious or relaxed with my presence as this one” he adds.

Seals have a pretty curious nature on their own. As long as they don’t get territorial with the divers or aggressive over the free food attached to the end of a spear, they will often approach a diver to check out what they are doing.

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