Brave Beaver Herds Confused Cattle In Canada

StoryfulPublished: April 17, 201726,133 views
Published: April 17, 2017

Surprising as it may seem, this brave beaver led a herd of curious cattle in Ituna, Saskatchewan, Canada, on April 14. Ranch owner Adrienne Ivey and her husband decided to pay their 150 heifers a visit on Good Friday.

The pair noticed something strange about their cattle and upon closer inspection they discovered the herd was being led around the pasture by a beaver. The cattle were gathered together and walking slowly behind a beaver, with some of the heifers lowering their heads to get a closer look at the furry cowboy with a funny-looking tail. Ivey says that the livestock were enchanted by the cute little guy and followed him everywhere!

This herd of bovines followed the beaver across a pasture and ranchers northeast of Regina were shaking their heads after watching how these curious bovines slowly followed their captain. Cows took turns to get closer to the beaver for a quick sniff, before retreating back to the group.They are amazed with this cute little guy and follow him around. He must have the skills of a great leader!

Heifers are young therefore they are very curious creatures.This level of herd/wildlife interaction is not something we see everyday! It is difficult to understand their obsession with this wayward beaver travelling across their stomping grounds. Sounds unusual even for Canadian standards!

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