Affectionate Chimpanzee Puckers Up To A Boy Through Zoo Window

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Published: April 17, 2017

Since we all know that monkeys are our distant relative, it should come to no surprise that they behave almost as we do. Seeing an ape pucker up for a kiss can bring a smile to your face and really brighten your day.

In one such heartwarming moment, a boy shared a kiss with a chimp at a zoo -through the glass, of course. Nolan Moore sat at the ape enclosure in Bio Parco in Rome, Italy, with his mom Angela Tomarelli. The kid tried to engage the curious chimp in a game of peek-a-boo. The monkey looked like he couldn’t care less about the game, but as soon as the four-year-old pressed his lips on the glass pane separating them, the monkey followed suit!

It didn’t happen just once! Each and every time Nolan presses his lips on the glass, the monkey return the favor. Even mom says: “I think you’re now her boyfriend”.

“It was clearly love at first sight.” says the proud mom. “We sat next to the chimp enclosure for a long time and this one immediately seemed fascinated with Nolan. She sat next to the window and made eye contact easily.

“Nolan started to play games, touching each other’s hands through the glass and copying one another, she seemed eager to play. Eventually it was her that made the first kiss face and Nolan kissed her back.

“At one point, she got up and wandered off and we thought she was gone, but she just gathered more snacks and came back to the same spot to eat with us.”

Isn’t that sweet?

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