Blind And Stray Spaniel Can Finally See Her Owners After Much Needed Surgery

Caters_NewsPublished: April 17, 201765,255 views
Published: April 17, 2017

Every stray animal needs to get a second chance at life. But usually these strays come with bucketloads of issues, some so much so that they never get to feel the love of a caring family.

Olive the black Cocker Spaniel was one such pup that was carrying some health issues with her from the shelter, but she got lucky to come across a loving family like Holy and Bart Emmerson, who fell in love with the onyx pooch. Olive was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles, found with severe cataracts on both eyes.

The Emmersons decided to raise money to pay for Olive’s sight restoring procedure, but it took some time. Finally, with the help of West Coast Cocker Rescue and their families and friends, Holy and Bart were finally able to let Olive see again.

Holly shot a video of them going to the vet to pick up their newest family member, but didn’t know what to expect; after all, Olive has been blind for the past three years.

Love comes above all else, because the moment Olive comes out from the crates with a cone on her head, her eyes instantly lock on her owners’ faces and the tail starts wagging like a drill bit! Now she is finally able to see her loved ones, the cars and she passes them on the street, even the ocean.

That is one lucky pooch.

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