Dad has hilariously excited reaction to finding out he has a son after five girls

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Published: April 14, 2017

This dad has five girls with his lovely wife, and in this video, she's in labor and he finally finds out the gender of his sixth baby. To his great surprise and joy, the newborn is a son, and the dad can't contain his happiness.Witnessing the birth of a child is a truly miraculous experience and the parents must've been overwhelmed with emotion and happiness for the new addition to the family.

After five girls, it's nice to have some diversity in the family and we totally get the dad's reaction. They're going to be a very big and happy family! You can just tell how excited he is to have a son. Now he won't be the only female in the house! He's going to have his own little buddy! This is just too cute!

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Check out this father's reaction to finding out that he is going to be having a son after five girls!

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