Riverdale | Season 1 Episode 10 | Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend

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Published: April 13, 2017

Riverdale | Season 1 Episode 10 | Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend. Complete Link Lists to watch Riverdale Season 1 Episode 10. We have the very brand new video for watching another super hit and most anticipated teen drama show from Riverdale installment today called Riverdale Season 1 Episode 10 "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend". What will happen? When Fred decides to finalize the divorce with Archie's mother Mary, Archie hides his true feelings. Archie tries to win Valerie back with a romantic evening, however, Betty hijacks his plans when she decides to throw Jughead a surprise birthday party. Once Cheryl learns of the party, she decides to make it interesting and things quickly get out of control. Meanwhile, Veronica contemplates whether she should participate in the deposition to help get her Dad released.

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The dance off, plus the party featured heavily in the promo for this week’s episode, point to Riverdale really embracing its high school show identity this week. After the previous episode focused so heavily on the Blossom family and the murder mystery side, it will be nice to get what could be a bit of a lighter episode, especially as the season speeds towards the finish line.

This is still Riverdale, so it won’t be all fun high school antics. When it comes to the adults in town, this should be a big week for Fred Andrews. He decides that it is time to get divorced. That brings Archie’s mother back to town, played by Molly Ringwald.

Archie hides his true feelings about the upcoming divorce of Fred and Mary in the new episode of "Riverdale." Watch "Riverdale" Season 1, Episode 10 online via live stream mode, check out the link below.

After this episode aired on television by CW, you will be able to watch Riverdale Season 1 Episode 10. Enjoy!

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