Brave Whale Calf Greets Whale Watchers With Kisses

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Published: April 13, 2017

This is the incredible moment an adorable baby grey whale leans out of the water for a smooch with some tourists, with the help of its mother.

The massive mammal, accompanied by its even bigger mom, swam right up to a boatload of tourists in Magdalena Bay, Mexico, to get up close and personal with those above the surface. A tourist on the neighboring boat filmed the once-in-a-lifetime encounter, when one of the tourists leaned over the boat to leave a peck on the baby whale’s lips!

In the footage, which went viral as soon as social media caught wind of it, the social mammal seems to like being in the center of attention, as tourists on both boats chant “kiss her, kiss her”.

Wiggling with joy, the infant whale is hoisted up in the air by its parent and into the loving arms of those on board the boat, who cheer on in anticipation. And just look at all those cheering faces on the boat! We are more than sure that all those tourists will remember this adorable encounter for the rest of their lives. and one this is certain, we all wanna be them!

Grey whales spend summers in Alaska, but as soon as the winter starts approaching, they travel the 6000 miles to Mexico to stay warmer, mate and give birth. Just decades ago, these little encounters were unheard of, as researchers believed whales associated boats with the hunter that prey on them.

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