Angry Horse Stomps On Alligator Interrupting His Sunbathing

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Published: April 12, 2017

A very unusual video has emerged of a horse attacking a gator while sunbathing, for no particular reason whatsoever. The moment this unprovoked horse attacked the alligator near Gainesville, Florida was captured in footage by Krystal Berry who went to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park on April 12 with her friends to celebrate their recent graduation from nursing school in Ocala.

What they probably weren’t expecting was to witness a titanic clash of nature. They spotted a group of horses at the park and stopped to take a picture. Suddenly, one stallion spotted the alligator, who was casually sunbathing near them, and decided to chase the reptile away. Watch as the angry horse stomps the gator and pick a fight!

Berry and her friends were shocked to see the attack and were worried about the outcome of this fight. Well, this is something you don’t see every day, but let’s face it, nature is brutal. Just like there are odd animal couples, there are odd animal enemies too!

Imagine the distress these people were feeling when they witnessed this unusual cockfight between mare and gator. Obviously, they were shocked to see the wild horse go attack mode on the alligator out of the blue. Can this be considered an act of bullying, given the deadly stomping and the temper tantrum this horse presented?

If you look closely, the gator can clearly be seen biting the horse as it tries to kick its head, though neither appears to be seriously injured immediately following the fight. Fortunately, none of the animals showed any signs of stress or bleeding.

Whenever we think of alligators, we think the worst. They take parts in our craziest nightmares, with their toothy jaws and beady eyes that can make even Superman run for the hills. Unlike them, horses are domesticated animals and can do no harm in our eyes, right? Well, wrong apparently. We easily forget that horses are so powerful that even one kick can send us to our death. These magnificent beasts might have been domesticated, but they will never be fully tamed.

It appeared as if it was just a normal day in Florida. The alligator state is used to these crawlies popping up from out of nowhere at any point in time, so the appearance of this beasts in the park was no big deal. However, the plot thickened when just a few feet from where the alligator lied, stood a group of horses, munching on some grass.

In this video, a gasp can be heard from the stunned group as the stallion from the group of horses – which included a mare and her foal – chases the alligator away, kicking at it. The most hyped prizefight of the century was a massive disappointment. For years everyone clamored for Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquiao, and the resultant match—a clear cash grab where the two tepidly sparred at each other for 12 rounds—left viewers feeling frustrated and cheated. Perhaps it was the build up. Our expectations were way too high, however we guarantee, if you were to rent ‘Horse vs. Gator’ on Pay Per View, you will not go to bed upset.

Because look at this teaser trailer for the next great battle between heavyweights. The clip, features the fight of a lifetime. No one really knows what set off the horse enough to just stomp that gator, but tell me you aren’t already hyped to watch the full thing. Honestly, we almost always pick gators in situations like this—because they’re gators—but after this, our money is on horse. Go team horse!

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