Energetic Prairie Dog Enjoys Adorable Playtime With Lazy Family Cat

Storyful Published April 12, 2017 294,211 Plays

Rumble We all have heard of people who "fight like a cat and dog" and we have all seen the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. According to that, all of this makes us believe that cats and dogs don’t really like each other. As always there is an exception of this "rule" and a proof of that is this video. Nature would have you think that this cat is out to hunt this energetic little prairie dog, but it's quite the opposite. These two are the best of friends!

Jason Hilt from Auburndale, Florida has had a new arrival in his home, a prairie dog, that likes to play a lot with his best friend - the house cat. This prairie dog was only few weeks in his new home, but immediately after he stepped into the house he started showing his playful character, as you can see in this video.

It's always a true pleasure watching two animals of totally different species to become friends and start playing. This cute prairie dog obviously sees a cat for the first time and he just can't resist the urge to play with him! Watch as the little critter continues to tease the cat with his adorable hit-and-run gameplay! Cuteness overload!

He instantly bonds and energetically starts wandering around the room, but the lazy cat has a bit different plans for the day. Nevertheless, he accepts the challenge and goes into play mode very quickly. Just wait till you see the end! For all you cat and animal lovers, this is going to be a delightful show!

We’ve all witnessed moments like this when we desperately want to play, but our friends are too lazy to entertain us! This hyperactive little prairie dog is one furball of energy that cannot contain himself! Luckily, he isn’t deterred by the laziness of his lazy sitter and manages to still have some fun. We could spend all day of watching him run around the living room, trying to play tag with the cat. How adorable!

These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around. Seeing how even sworn natural enemies can learn to love and respect each other really makes you put a finger to your forehead and think some things through.

Now, a cat and a prairie dog might not have a lot in common. Imagine one hyperactive dude with attention issues hanging out with a laid back fella who loves to eat. It would be like oil and water, right? Have we got a treat for you! Brace yourselves folks, because this energetic prairie dog has found the best chase mate in the lazy family cat! These two best buddies love to play together and this is their favorite game!

Interspecies friendships always warm our hearts, but the most unlikely ones like these two melt us down to a puddle on the ground. Who would have thought that a cat and a prairie dog would enjoy playing chase around the house for hours? Felines are usually quite territorial and rarely accept other animals into their homes, especially mice-like creatures, but this house cat has accepted her new housemate and is already enjoying their playtime together!

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    nice place..

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    What's a prairie dog doing in Florida?

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    beautiful friendship ♥️🤝♥️

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