Kendall Jenner Suffers ANOTHER Home Invasion from Stalker!

HollyscoopPublished: April 12, 20173 views
Published: April 12, 2017

Kendall Jenner just can’t catch a break these days. The model’s home was invaded yet AGAIN - this time the cops stopped a bigger problem. You know, we’re betting after the rough week Kendall Jenner has had, the girl just wants to be left alone. Unfortunately, the model couldn’t have even THAT piece of mind yesterday. Kendall was being spied on by a drone at her house. Luckily police were involved right away. According to multiple reports, a man was lurking around the 21 year old’s home in the Hollywood hills. He was standing on the street, right outside her gate, with a drone, assumedly that he was using to spy on the model. Kendall’s security team immediately stopped the man and called police for reinforcement. Now if invasion sounds like deja vu, you’re right… Kendall’s home was recently burglarized. And that was AFTER she was approached by a stalker in her driveway. Like I said, this girl can’t catch a break. Just a few weeks ago, Kendall hosted a party at her house with some friends. Before the shindig ended however, Kendall had 200 thousand dollars worth of jewelry taken from her home. Police believe that the crime was an inside job committed by someone at the party. And last year the model was approached, in her driveway, by a man who was stalking her. She recently recalled the terrifying incident on KUWTK. Kendall said she’s developed anxiety because of the incident - and we don’t blame her, especially now with this 3rd invasion of privacy. Man. SO do you think Kendall has to move now or what? Let me know in the comment section below.

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