Kylie Jenner's Ex Tyga ARRESTED!

HollyscoopPublished: April 12, 20175 views
Published: April 12, 2017

Well Kylie Jenner may have dodged a bullet on this one - Tyga was arrested last night! Why? Well, we know that the rapper doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to caring for his cars, and THATS what did him in. The 27-year-old rapper was in Hollywood last night driving his hundred thousand dollar custom Mercedes G Series. Tyga had reportedly just left a night of partying at Avenue Night club. Then, he ran a stop sign and pulled over. Now, ordinarily failing to stop at stop sign wouldn’t result in an arrest HOWEVER, Tyga did NOT have license plate on his Mercedes. Police arrested the rapper right there on the spot, but not before Tyga offered up some sort of response to the paparazzi who had gathered at the scene. “I have paper plates,” he told the cameramen. “I just bought it,” he added, referring to the car. Ironically, Tyga was JUST showing off his new ride on Instagram hours earlier, perhaps just after he purchased the car. The rapper shared two images of the Mercedes on social media. Now, as far as we know, Tyga has NOT yet been released, and his attorney has not made a statement. But you may remember that this isn’t the first time Tyga has been in trouble with the law. Last year, the rapper faced a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to show up to a court hearing. He reportedly owed his former landlord close to half a million dollars in back rent and damages after being evicted. Instead of showing up in court, Tyga left the country and celebrated his then girlfriend, Kylie Jenner’s 19th birthday in Turks and Caicos. The cast was later settled, and Tyga was NOT arrested. No such luck this time however. Now I’m just DYING to know how kylie fits into all this. They’re broken up, but will be bail him out - will they get back together after this blow? It’s really anyone’s guess, but why don’t you go ahead and leave your thoughts down below.

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