Round Table Nights - Episode 3

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It's not just a new show but a new format where we will cross stream the best stories of the week from "Coast to Coast" through an Independent News Network! We are establishing a new national broadcast to break out of the echo chambers we sometimes find ourselves in and cross promote the best Independent Media and news coverage providers we know, and you love!
So... every Friday night at 9:00 pm EST we will gather a mixed group of the more than one dozen Independent podcasters from the platform to discuss their most compelling headlines of the week!

This format will break the algorithms, introduce you to new truthers, help eliminate 'the noise from the news,' and help viewers and action oriented people get the most bang for their buck in their fights, wherever they may be across this country and they are many.

You may see this program on a multitude of platforms but we are united together at Looking Glass media because it's time for a "news" evolution and is the cutting edge of exactly that.

Tune in, subscribe, share, and support these content creators! The "Legacy MSM" is the most dangerous enemy to our free societies and these people are fighting the multi billion dollar beast the hardest. If anyone deserves the help, they do and buying them a coffee makes a bigger impact than you may think.
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