Soldier Reunited With His Loyal Dog After Six Months And We Can't Handle It

Published April 10, 2017 22,879 Views

Rumble Nothing says “welcome home, you” like the excited wag of a tail. Everyone is glad to see you come home after an extended period of time, but when your dog sniffs out the fresh scent that you just left behind, it is a fireworks of emotions! We have all seen such an occasion, but we see no harm in seeing what happens when the dog is too tiny to get to his owner, after not seeing him for half a year!

Forget Romeo and Juliet, this adorable reunification of Romeo and P.J Smith is a true love story. This is the heart-warming moment a dachshund sniffs out his owner who returned home from Air Force training after six months.

When P.J returned from Air Force basic training in Pensacola, Florida, USA, on July 5, dad Ken decided to organize the homecoming. As Romeo was in the garden, P.J. hid in his room and almost as soon as the devoted pup caught his scent he ran excitedly through the house.

'Is he in his room? Don’t think so… Is he in the other room? Nope, he is definitely in HIS room' rushes the happy wiener dog, running from one side of P’s bed to the other. He can sniff him alright, but he can’t get up on the bed.

That is not a problem for the tiny dog, so two strong barks later and PJ peeks out of the bed, stretching his arms out to welcome his best friend. Such a sweet reunion!

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