Fearless Snake Catcher Sticks Hand Into Nest, Pulls Out Dozens Of Baby Pythons

Published April 10, 2017 28,894 Plays

Rumble A fearless snake catcher has been filmed sticking his hand into an underground nest and pulling out dozens of wriggling baby pythons – with the rescue leaving him bleeding in the process.

Cor Viljoen, 39, was called by a farmer to move the nest after dozens of hatched eggshells were found for fear of the snakes being killed by scared workers.

Footage shows Cor, who works at Klein Kariba resort in Bala-Bala, South Africa, kneeling by the sandy lair, sticking his hand into the deep hole and pulling out handfuls of the slithering serpents.

The safari guide claimed that, while he hadn't been expecting so many snakes, he wasn't scared as they felt like 'handfuls of spaghetti' – but had to check the five-metre mother python was not home first.

“If [the mother] was home, I would have had to take the mother out first and I estimated her size to be at least 5m long from a photo. I didn’t expect to get so many babies out of the tunnel. It was the biggest clutch I have ever taken out. I had only been expecting about 40."

Even as babies, pythons have around 120 teeth and Cor and his colleague were both bitten leaving them with bloody hands, but these snakes are not venomous. The snakes are constrictors, which means they wrap their coils around their prey until they can feel the prey’s heart stop beating.

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