Energetic Pup Is Super Excited To See She's Going To The Dog Park

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Published: April 10, 2017

Dogs are being of simple pleasures - they like their kibble, their toys, the walks with their owner and, let’s not forget - the doggie park! For a dog, trip to the dog park is what a trip to the toy store is for a kid! So many buddies are there and they get to run and play… Oh goody, goody! So it is pretty safe to assume that whenever they see they are being taken to the doggy park, they will go barking mad over it!

This excitable puppy goes loco whenever she spots the dog park leaping around the back seat of her owner’s car. Godiva the rescue pup cannot contain her excitement as soon as she realises that her and Ben Tibbs are close to the park in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.

Even from a mile away, the 18-month-old pooch starts howling at the top of her voice and sprinting from side to side across the vehicle. As soon as the pair enter the car park, Godiva then starts leaping up and down the seat and pressing her face against both windows to get a better view.

Ben said: “Every single time we go to the park she starts doing this.”

The pup screams and whines up and down the back seat of Ben’s car, not being able to contain herself. Why is this ride taking so freaking long? When will they get there? We hope it’s soon!

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