Cockatoo desperately attempts to befriend cat

Published April 10, 2017 1,268,627 Views $400.07 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsTalk about finding friends in the most unusual of places! 9-month-old Jackson the Maine Coon and 10-year-old Cali the Umbrella Cockatoo are the best of friends. This is so awesome to witness!

Cross species friendships are not impossible - some animal species might be more welcoming to newcomers than others, but one general rule sticks. If you want to keep two different animals as pets and make sure that they bond, introduce them at a young age so that they grow to recognize each other as part of the family. These two might not have had that opportunity, but they really seem to have bonded nicely!

Who ever said that cats and birds cannot be friends, clearly have no idea what they are saying! Share this clip with them to show the error in their ways! ;)

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