Deer Knocks Man Down On April Fool's Day

StoryfulPublished: April 10, 201712,396 views
Published: April 10, 2017

A man was tackled by a deer in British Columbia, Canada on April 1. Cary McCook was dropped off by a coworker at the entrance of the Stork’s Nest Inn in Smithers, where he was hoping to spend a relaxing night after work.

McCook exited the car and noticed a deer running straight towards him, but before he had any time to react, the deer head-butted the 25-year-old, knocking him to the ground.

McCook’s friends and family had a hard time believing the incident actually happened, as the tackle occurred on April Fool’s Day, but McCook obtained surveillance footage from the inn that corroborated his story.

The danger posed by the common whitetail deer and mule deer usually comes down to three things: their sheer abundance all over the country, mother does trying to protect their fawns, and bucks being aggressive during mating season.

Cary sustained a sore shoulder but was otherwise unharmed. McCook, an aspiring rapper in a group called “Reka-Nation,” said he hopes to write a rap song about the incident to bring people “joy and laughter.”

Keep in mind that if you encounter a deer first try to slowly back away from it. If you got too close and it starts to approach you, wave a coat or other object in the direction of the deer or shout at the animal while you try to back away. Do not turn your back on the animal.

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