Daredevil Goats Go Surfing On A Metal Sheet

StoryfulPublished: April 10, 20172,303 views
Published: April 10, 2017

Whoever knew goats had a playful attraction to shiny metal sheets? Judging by this video, flexible metal can provide goats with endless fun and, maybe, cause one or two confrontations. Here, four goats clamber for a ride on a sheet of swaying flexible metal, with one buck surfing the metal waves like a pro while another takes a timeout for some head scratching.

If anyone of you ever needs a business idea, consider this - a theme park for goats! You can have loose bales of hay for the kids to jump and roll on and do not forget about the metal sheets, bent into all sort of shapes. You can’t let your esteemed patrons feel bored with just the bridge!

This little family of papa Buck, mama Goat and the two kids really seems to be having massive loads of fun! The kids are already up there on that sheet, when mama decided to go up there and show them how it was done back in her day! She jumps up, the weight of her load makes the sheet bend forwards and send her hurling back down the very next instant.

That doesn’t dissuade our heroine from going right back up there, riding that metallic wave like a true pro! The Buck gives her a little shove, making the metal sheet fold even further. We guess it was all the incentive those two kids needed, so each takes a turn to jump up and ride the wave down to the ground!

It is the best family entertainment!

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