Selena Gomez & The Weekend Bring Their Love to Instagram...But She's TERRIFIED of Him Leaving!

HollyscoopPublished: April 10, 20176 views
Published: April 10, 2017

Nothing says "official" like your first Instagram pic together...Although Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been spotted out together...the two have pretty much kept their relationship quiet when it comes to social media, that is...until now. Over the weekend, The Weeknd...Let's take a moment to let that sentence starter sink in... Anyway... The Weeknd posted a PDA filled Insta of him and his new boo Selena Gomez. But before I show you that let me fill you in on why this is a big deal. Because I know you guys, and I know you like the full scoop. Before this infamous Instagram post...Selena and The Weeknd have kept their relationship off social media except for a few minor slips. Like the one time The Weeknd shared a photo on his story of a dark haired woman in an aquarium who we believed to be Selena at the time. And Let's not forget about the other time when Selena took an Instagram video of their gondola date in Italy and then quickly deleted it. Now although those quick glimpses of their relationship were pretty cute...this photo is their first legitimate Insta post together that was not in a story. So come on, now do you see why this is something people are talking about?! The dimly lit Insta posted by The Weeknd features Selena kissing him on the cheek with her arm wrapped around his neck. And by the looks of it The Weeknd does not mind that position one bit. I'll be honest... not sure if I could find any man who wouldn't mind being stuck between Selena's lips and arm. When it comes to what the The Weeknd had to say about the pic... He took the bold move of not captioning it all...not even an emoji! This can only mean one thing... I guess he was trying to prove that one picture really is worth a thousand words...As to whether or not this photo proves this celeb romance is going strong...for Selena's sake I'm going to hope it is. Apparently sources close to her have said that if the Weeknd were to breakup with would be her toughest breakup yet. They told HollywoodLife "She put all her confidence, vulnerability, and attention in to Abel, if he ever decided that he didn't want to continue being in a relationship with her, it would be the most devastating thing. It would rock her to her very core." Wow. Okay, I'll be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of these two when I heard they started dating, but I do love me some Selena and I would hate to see this break for now I am Team Selena and The Weeknd. But as always, I want to know what you think? Do you want to see more posts and relationship bliss from these two? Are you worried for Selena if they were to call it quits? Let me know in the comments below.

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