A Shawn Mendes & Niall Horan Duet Collab?? YAASSS!!

HollyscoopPublished: April 10, 2017
Published: April 10, 2017

Name a more iconic song collab than Shawn Mendez and Niall Horan...I'll wait.... that's what I thought. Ever since the two posted an instagram video of them performing "Mercy" backstage at the American Music Awards last year...fans have been anxiously waiting for an official song collab. Today is your lucky day Shawn and Niall fans because I bring good news and I gotta say I'm pretty excited right there along with you. While hosting Camp Izze in Brooklyn over the weekend...Shawn Mendez was bombarded with several fan questions. One of which included when him and Niall were going to make good on their promise and record a song together. Ahh I just love when fans go straight to the source and tell celebs what they want. Shawn replied to the question saying quote "We've jammed out. But we will, we will write a song" Now when it comes to when that song will be released we don't know... but hey at least we know it is definitely happening. During the Q and A fans took the opportunity to also ask Shawn what he thought about Harry Styles debut solo single... "Sign of the Times.” In case you missed it...Harry released it late last week and since then has been getting a lot of positive feedback. Which, lets be honest I'm not that surprised. However... I was happy to hear that praise did not stop with pal Shawn Mendez. Shawn said quote, "I love it, I didn't know his voice was that crazy, which is really, really inspiring.” Friends supporting friends, there's few things that are better than that... One of those things being, and I know I'm totally drawing conclusions here...but what about a possible harry/Shawn duet in the future?! Heck, I'd be happy if all 3 of them came out with a song. Alright... now it's time to let me know what you think. Would you like to see Shawn and Niall release a duet or would you prefer those two stick to releasing their own music. Let me know in the comments below.

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