Beyonce Celebrates Her Anniversary Like a QUEEN!

HollyscoopPublished: April 6, 20171 views
Published: April 6, 2017

The twins in Beyonce’s belly must have her feeling all sorts of emotions, because Queen Bey is sharing intimate pictures of her past with all of us! I’ve heard pregnancy can make you do crazy things, but I wouldn’t consider Beyonce’s recent picture sharing spree crazy by any means. I think it’s freakin’ brilliant! I mean she is sharing very intimate pictures of her family from the past, and we know Beyonce is pretty private when it comes to her personal life. Earlier this week Bey and Jay celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary! April 4th was the day the two wed and Beyonce’s mom shared a never before seen picture from the couple’s lavish white wedding! Obviously, Bey is feeling nostalgic and she has every right to. 9 years is a milestone and a lot of memories were made in those nine. 5 of those years involved beautiful blue ivy! The slew of photos posted on her website show a family trip the Carters took to the Grany Canyon last year for their 8th wedding anniversary! Wow, even Beyonce goes on basic family vacations from time to time. Clearly this was pre-twin pregnancy, but we can’t help but look at this pic of Jay-Z hugging Beyonce from behind with his hand on her stomach.. might’ve been hoping for a bun in the oven before February when she made the announcement! The pictures show us a very calm, less glam lifestyle than what we’re used to seeing from Beyonce and Jay-Z, I mean let’s be honest they are music royalty and can have pretty much anything and go anywhere they please! And we already know how hands on they are with little Blue Ivy. The pics of Blue Ivy are absolutely adorable and can I just say this little girl’s fashion is on point! I mean those X and O sunnies are to dye for. Loved to have me a pair for coachella, that’s all I’m saying! In addition to Beyonce letting us into her life a bit more, she released the track “Die With You,” a song she wrote for Jay-Z and released on their anniversary! She posted a video montage to her Instagram with the song playing underneath and it’s pure bliss! So does Bey’s recent openness and look into her life without the glitz and glam mean she’s going to be more open when her twins are born? Will we get the pictures and videos we are all dying to see, or will we have to wait for her to do her big reveal in some magazine?

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