WHERE in the World is Taylor Swift?

HollyscoopPublished: April 6, 20171 views
Published: April 6, 2017

Has Taylor Swift fallen down the Rabbit Hole never to be seen again?!? No it can’t be, but where has she been the past few months?? Like for real though, where has T-Swift been?? We haven’t talked about her in weeks, and that’s not okay with us, and we haven’t seen her post anything on social media in over a month… and her last IG post was to promote her bestie Lorde’s new song! So we really haven’t seen anything personal from her in forever, which is so unlike Taylor! I mean, How could she do this to us?!? Is she punishing us? But why and for what?? Or could this mean she’s been hard at work making beautiful new melodies to grace our ears and make us scream and shout??? I think this sounds more like it! ET reports that Taylor has been hunkered down in Nashville. Swift has been busy working upcoming album in Nashville to get away from the paparazzi.

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