Playful Dog Entertains Emu

StoryfulPublished: April 6, 20171,428,654 views
Published: April 6, 2017

Sue’s pet emu, Emee, was a lone hatch and has a purpose built pen at the end of the room for when her owner isn’t home. The rest of the time though, she is treated as one of the family! This video shows her and a very welcoming pet dog named Molly playing together.
Don't you just love watching two animals befriend and become best buddies? Brace yourselves, for you're about to see a beautiful friendship in the making with this doggy and emu in the lead roles!

Somehow these two got together in a room, and now all they have to figure out how to spend some quality time together! This energetic emu takes the lead as it starts pushing doggy to play with it, while doggy seems a bit uninterested at first. But after a while, the atmosphere changes and doggy accepts the challenge!

The two of them start circling around the room and seem like they can't get enough of it!

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