Playful Baby Emu Chases Family Dog Around The House

Storyful Published April 6, 2017 1,838,150 Plays

Rumble Sue’s pet emu, Emee, was a lone hatch and has a purpose built pen at the end of the room for when her owner isn’t home. The rest of the time though, she is treated as one of the family! This video shows her and a very welcoming pet dog named Molly playing together. Adorable!

Don't you just love watching two animals befriend and become best buddies? Brace yourselves, for you're about to see a beautiful friendship in the making with this doggy and emu in the lead roles!

Footage shows these two playing together in a room and enjoying their quality time together! This energetic emu takes the lead as it starts pushing doggy to play with it, while doggy seems a bit not very interested at first, but after a while, the atmosphere changes and doggy accepts the challenge!

The two of them start circling around the room and seem like they can't get enough of it! Watch the adorable moment when a mischievous baby emu named Emee chases and playfully pecks a pet dog in the living-room.

Footage shows a little emu chick playing with the family dog in a video filmed by its owner.
Emee, the fluffy black and white emu hatchling, playfully rolls across the floor when spotting the pet dog. As the large black canine named Molly runs to her owner, Emee attacks and playfully pecks the pooch by the leg.

Watch how this baby Emu jumps around and excitedly chases a dog around the room. It is adorable to see Emee running after the scared pup who tries to hide behind the couch. This sweet fluffy bird dances and jumps around excitedly and tries to befriend the scared dog. It is hilarious how the big black dog is intimidated by the squeaky bird.

Sue Holmes, Emee's owner and animal lover, posted the hilarious video on April 21 onto her Facebook page. Several other videos have been posted since Emee joined the family, featuring the young bird growing into a larger adult bird. What an unusual pet!


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