Demi Lovato SLAYS Adele & Katy Perry Songs in Diva Riff-Off on the Late Late Show w/ James Corden

HollyscoopPublished: April 6, 201710 views
Published: April 6, 2017

The sass was hot last night on the Late Late Show with James Corden and the amount of Diva in one studio was way too much to handle! James Corden is known for taking his favorite singing celebs for a ride in his carpool karaoke, which I love, but last night Corden was feeling a bit saucy and decided against taking Demi Lovato for a ride in his car! He then went on to insult her and other female singers of today … this was pretty ballsy! What ensued after this altercation was pure magic! Think Pitch Perfect meets Late Night TV and that’s what happened. Demi challenged James to a Diva vs. Diva riff-off! She performed both Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Katy Perry’s Roar, and did both divas total justice! This was a much better performance than when she appeared on ‘EW’ on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. Clearly this was a much more fun shtick for her to do than play some angsty, middle school girl who says EW every other word! I like Demi a lot… her pipes are out of this world and she’s always down to have some fun, goof around and keeps it cool. I mean she and James did sing “I will Survive” at the end of the Diva Riff-off! What do you think of Demi’s Late Late show performance? Is she a true Diva, or was it all for show? I don’t think she’s a diva, but you let me know what you’re thinking in the comments section below!

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