Boy Born 'With No Brain' Continues to Beat the Odds After Parents Refused to Abort Him

nollygrioPublished: April 6, 201714 views
Published: April 6, 2017

Every once in a while, modern medicine gets it wrong. Not completely, mind you.

For little Noah Wall, the odds weren’t just stacked up against him – they were downright deadly.

While in the womb, his parents learned the sad truth – their baby boy may not live to see a delivery date.

He had severe spina bifida as well as hydrocephalus, which causes undue amounts of fluid in the skull. This meant his brain would not develop.

In fact, doctors estimated that more than 98% of his brain was destroyed, and the couple were forced to pick out a coffin.

But now, almost five years later, the Walls have had no use for the item.

Little Noah survived his birth and, after a series of triumphs and setbacks, appears to be making some amazing progress.

According to his Mom, Noah can now count to 10. He can recognize numbers and is even capable of using a pen and tracing his name.

It’s as if his brain is rebuilding itself, using what little gray matter he has to maximize his ability to learn.

Once again, not a major medical breakthrough, but a true miracle.

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