How One Mother’s Loving Embrace Brought Her Newborn Son Back To Life

nollygrioPublished: April 6, 20176 views
Published: April 6, 2017

On March 25, Kate knew something was wrong when Emily and Jamie arrived premature. Weighing in at only two pounds each, Emily was healthy, but Jamie was in distress.

After doctors tried reviving him for over 20 minutes, he was pronounced dead.

The Oggs were devastated. They wanted to hold Jamie one last time, let him know he was loved, and say their goodbyes.

The nurses brought Jamie over to Kate and placed him on her bare chest for skin-to-skin contact.

After holding him for a few minutes, they noticed movement from Jamie, but the Oggs were told those were normal reflexes and not a sign that he was still alive.

Kate continued to cuddle Jamie over the next two hours, during which she and Dave would witness a miracle! When Jamie opened his eyes, they felt blessed that although he had passed, they still were able to see him do this.

But after Jamie’s eyes continued to stay open, they questioned if he were actually dead after all.

Turns out, that despite the marvels of modern medical technology, it was mom Kate’s cuddling instinct that saved her baby.

Widely known in Australia and around the world as “kangaroo care,” a mother’s body heat can help sustain a baby’s body temperature where unavailable incubators could not.

Thanks to mom’s instincts, Jamie survived and is now a happy and healthy six-year-old boy! Way to go mom!

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