Eagle Freed From Trap By Brave Hunters

StoryfulPublished: April 5, 2017232 views
Published: April 5, 2017

We as people can be very helpful and kind, all we got to do is just try sometimes. Usually we tend to hear about how big of a catch hunters have come upon and hear about how they brag about their kill and how proud they are. How they have gone out and spotted what ever it is they are out there looking for and how they found a way to gather the animals.

We are always happy to hear about people that aside of hunting are into helping animals that are in need, especially ones that are on the verge of disappearing. Here we have quite the story of a couple of hunters that have stumbled upon an eagle that was desperately in need of help.

Zac Ansell and members of the Wimmera Duck Pluckers were out shooting when they spotted an eagle with its foot caught in a trap. The eagle appeared distressed, flapping its wings and trying to get away. After they released the eagle, the Wimmera Duck Pluckers said, it flew over to a riverbank to take a drink before flying away.

So, if you think that humans are always the bad guys, think again as these guys go out of there way to save this beautiful creature!

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