Dashcam Captures Polish Driver's Collision with Police Car

StoryfulPublished: April 5, 201796,626 viewsVirality: 52%
Published: April 5, 2017

A dashcam video from Poland showing a collision between an overtaking driver and a police car went viral in April 2017. The collision occurred when the police attempted to turn left at the same time as the other driver was overtaking. According to the driver, whose dashcam recorded the incident, the police officer admitted fault for the accident and took a statement from the driver. Storyful cannot verify the driver’s account.

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      chevyyota · 5 days ago

      Wasn't the cop's fault. You're only supposed to overtake one vehicle at a time, not several.

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      starzfan31 · 3 days ago

      This makes it the other drivers fault. He was not in his own lane. Maybe he should slow down and stop trying to pass the entire highway of vehicles. Hope he enjoys his citation.

    • 1 rumble
      marvinisit · 1 day ago

      Can't speak for Poland, but in the US(North Carolina) it is the driver who is turning that has the responsibility of clearing any traffic when making a turn in a passing zone... check into it... I have seen this twice happen to friend of mine...

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      hulehuma · 1 day ago


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      jetskier1 · 1 day ago

      Same law in the US and Mexico. I was making a left turn in Cozumel and had a taxi slam into my rental car. I was charged with failure to yield.

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      cadahes · 10 hours ago

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