Kendall Jenner Looks Almost UNRECOGNIZABLE in New Pepsi Ad!

HollyscoopPublished: April 4, 201714 views
Published: April 4, 2017

Like sister, Like Sister… the Kardashian-Jenner family is known to closely resemble one another, and take after one another when it comes to style and glamour! But one Kar-Jen has always kind of walked to the beat of her own drum, so this news is a bit shocking! Free-bird Kendall Jenner is taking after her older and younger sisters when it comes to her recent hair transformation! Kendall’s raven black hair is now… Platinum Blonde! Kim K was the first to frost her dark hair, then Kylie followed suit and then Khloe went from Brunette to Blonde! I guess blonde’s really do have more fun! Obviously Kendall is a model and the job description calls for body and style transformations! We’ve seen her rock the bleached eye brown look, the curly haired “Marylin Monroe” look but she didn’t go blonde like the former icon! Well I guess Pepsi said the right things, because Kendall is now the face of Pepsi’s latest commercial and she’s a blondie! The new commercial, which is decidedly political, shows a blonde Kendall Jenner doing what appears to be a photoshoot and outside she sees a peace protest going on! This isn’t the first time the 21 year old has been outspoken politically. Kendall Jenner voiced her concerns over gun control laws and violence on Keeping up With The Kardashians. “I just think I don’t want the attention of someone not agreeing with what I’m saying to take away from the fact that there’s actual gun issues that need to be handled.” This year Kendall Jenner participated in the Women’s March from afar, as she could not physically be there to march, but she sent her support through Instagram and twitter! It all makes sense why Kendall and Pepsi collaborated on this project! What do you think of Kendall’s blonde hair… should she go blonde permanently or keep her natural hair? Also, what do you think of the message Pepsi is sending and using Kendall’s fame to get the message out there? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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