'Cash Me Outside' Girl Danielle Bregoli Has THIS in Common with Beyonce and Kanye West

HollyscoopPublished: April 4, 20174 views
Published: April 4, 2017

If you ever thought you had hit the lowest point in life and that there was no hope for it turning around and going up… please listen up! Catch me Outside girl is living proof that this can in fact happen… and it can happen overnight! I never thought I’d say this, but 14 year old Danielle Bregoli is in some weird, crazy and freaky way a light of hope for all of us struggling artists, actors, musicians, dancers, anyone who is struggling pretty much! I know you might think I’m crazy, but hear me out! What do Beyonce, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Danielle Bregoli all have in common?!?! If you guessed they’re all in the music biz together you guessed…. RIGHT!!! Yep, Cash Me Outside girl is now dabbling in the music industry and has worked with some of the industry’s biggest producers! Bregoli casually hung out with Mark Batson and Che Pope on Sunday, after multiple record companies contacted her wanting to sign her! She was looking for some professional career advice and guidance, and in return got that and a free piano lesson from Batson! As crazy as this all is, Danielle Bregoli is legit making a name, not sure how reputable, but a name nonetheless in the entertainment industry. Now you might be thinking, “yeah, but she’s an outlandish A-hole with zero talent… there’s no way she can be famous.” Yeah, I kind of thought the same thing, but in this day and age, anything that gets more than 100 thousand views on Youtube pretty much makes you a celebrity… and that’s all it took! What do you think of Bregoli’s fame? Is it unfair and disgraceful to the music, TV, and entertainment industry, or did she create her own fame?? If she does try out music, will she be successful? And will you tune into her reality tv show? I want to know all your thoughts, so sound off in the comments below!

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