Husband Divorces Wife After He Discovers She's Dying From Breast Cancer

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Published: April 4, 2017Updated: April 5, 2017

It’s the kind of diagnosis that can destroy a person. In this case, it also ruined a family. Wiramon Inthaneth lives in Thailand, and at 36 , she thought she had it all. A Loving husband, Happy kid, A decent job. And then…the shoe dropped.

Wiramon was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer six months ago. Her situation has become so serious that she has had to move in with her father.

The Thai woman's condition means she can no longer work as she is in too much pain and must visit hospital daily to manage her symptoms.

Inthaneth's father, a taxi driver, tries to fund his daughter's treatment but his income is low and unreliable.

So where is her husband in all of this? Well, according to Wiramon, he’s left. GONE. He Abandoned her in her most dire hour of need. Apparently, he found her condition unacceptable and her tumors terrifying. So he did the Thai version of going out for cigarettes. One day, he walked out – and he never came back. How horrible.

The family are now supported by Monk Bhin, a Thai holyman who offered money and is now raising funds for the stricken mum.

Monk Bhin has made a significant gift of money and invited others also to help via social media.

Be strong Inthaneth, our prayers and thoughts are with you....God will see you through

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    CrazyCatLady · 14 weeks ago

    what a scumbag....hope the daughter stays with the grandparents when her mum dies......she deserved better than what she married