Beyonce's Newest Baby Bump Photoshoot Has Fans Going Crazy Over Its 'Hidden' Meaning

HollyscoopPublished: April 3, 20172 views
Published: April 3, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in Beyonce’s case, a picture is worth like a million words and twin babies!! Beyonce posted a series of photos over the weekend of herself looking flawless per usual and the Beehive is freaking out! We know Beyonce’s fans are crazy about every little detail of Beyonce’s personal life, which she keeps very private, but they can’t help but read into and speculate anything Beyonce posts… and for that we thank them! This latest conspiracy theory is just too rich not to share! So if you hadn’t heard by now… BEYONCE IS PREGNANT with TWINS!! Okay, that’s no shock because the world stopped when she made the announcement on her IG in February! Since she revealed she had two buns in her oven, people have tried to figure out the sex of the babies and their names! Now this is where the video and pictures from this past weekend come into play. Beyonce is posed in a gorgeous cobalt blue gown, Blue means BOYS, but then she also posted a video montage of her in the blue dress with pink flowers fading in and out of her silhouette! Wait, does this mean she’s having girls? Or does it mean she’s having one of each? Better yet… does this mean she’s going to name her babies after FLOWERS….?!?!? The suspense is killing me! Her fans sounded off on twitter with their theories behind Beyonce’s Instagram photoshoot! “Beyonce’s twins will be named after some type of flower/plant. All this Imagery she’s giving us. I know it!” “Beyonce has flowers somewhere in every picture she posts these twins are about to be named after some type of flower bet.” “Beyonce and Jay Z having a boy and girl. First pic was pink & blue and so are these.” Just last month, Beyonce wore a pair of earrings in a series of IG photos which she also wore in the music video “IF I were a boy,” and that sent fans over the edge and they for sure though this meant she was having two boys!!! Well whatever she chooses to name her babies, we know they will have deep and philosopichal meanings. After Blue Ivy was born, Beyonce posted an excerpt from ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’ on her Tumblr. It pretty much said the color blue is the purest and most beautiful color in the spectrum! Okay, if you’re part of the Beehive what do you make of Beyonce’s subtle messages on her social media accounts? Do the flowers and her blue dress symbolzie the sex of her babies, or their names? And are we taking this speculation a bit far… shouldn’t we just wait patiently and I don’t know, be surprised??? What happened to the joy of mystery!?!?! Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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