Trapped On Canadian Shores For 6 Hours, This Killer Whale Weeps With Joy After Being Rescued

nollygrioPublished: April 3, 2017Updated: April 4, 201714 views
Published: April 3, 2017Updated: April 4, 2017

In the faraway distance, its distinct, high-pitched cries could be heard.

Getting closer to the shoreline of Hartley Bay, Canada, the cries grew louder and louder and there was no mistaking that it was the sound of an orca crying out for help.

Somehow the black and white beauty had gotten itself stuck on some rocks during low tide and was unable to break free.

In an instant, a call was made by a passerby to the whale research facility, Cetacea Lab, and a team of volunteers from the Guardians of Hartley Bay rushed out to the beach to embark on a rescue mission to free the beached whale.

Using a makeshift water pump and covering her with as many wet sheets as they could get their hands on, the rescue team made sure that the whale was continuously hydrated for six hours. During that time, rescuers believed that her cries somehow validated their efforts.

As the tide began to slowly rise again, the orca began to wriggle free from the rocks, which rescuers observed it took about 45 minutes to do so. Once she was free, boisterous cheers from the crowd could be heard.

And in a matter of moments, she rejoined her pod and swam away. What a truly happy ending for all!

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