Justin Bieber Fan STALKS Him in an Uber, Gets Tires SLASHED by Bodyguard!

HollyscoopPublished: April 3, 20173 views
Published: April 3, 2017

We know Justin Bieber has some of the biggest and most dedicated fans! Even when he’s been unruly, called them names, dodged their photos and said they make him sick they are there for him no matter what! So what could he have done now??? Well actually nothing… Justin Bieber did nothing to degrade his fans. It’s actually Bieber’s bodyguard who is making headlines! Justin was in Brazil over the weekend for his Purpose World Tour shows in Rio! After an amazing night of song and dance on Friday, Bieber was heading back to his rented mansion to sleep, relax and mentally prepare himself for his other shows… HAHA who are we kidding, Bieber was probably heading back to his mansion to throw down and party into the wee-hours of the morning with that mystery girl he was spotted with! We will get to that later. Bieber was sitting in the passenger seat of a Land Rover and his bodyguard was driving. A car filled with fans was reportedly tailing Biebs, and his bodyguard abruptly stopped the car and jumped out holding a knife! Not sure why he was carrying a knife in the first place, but the bodyguard ran up to the Uber behind them, kicked the car denting it and slashed the tires!! Clearly, he doesn’t mess around and he wants no one messing with Justin! Paparazzi caught the altercation go down and it shows the Uber driver getting out of the car with his hands up, trying to reason with Bieber’s bodyguard… but it was too late! No word yet if the Uber driver has pressed charges against Bieber’s bodyguard or what happened after the altercation… but Bieber didn’t seemed phased by it! What he did seem phased by was the Brazilian brunette getting all up in his face in the back of a car! As the ludicrous song goes… He’s got o’s in different area codes! I’m sorry I just had to throw that in there!! Is Bieber’s bodyguard insane for slashing the Uber driver’s tires, or could this have been a potentially dangerous situation for Bieber if his bodyguard hadn’t acted?? Do you think it’s fair what happened to the Uber driver driving the fans?? You let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

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