Great White Shark Spotted Near Florida Coast

StoryfulPublished: April 3, 201770,921 views
Published: April 3, 2017

You may not have known, but fishing can also be considered one of the most extreme sports depending of course on where you decide to go fishing.It is always better to stick to lakes and rivers when hunting for fish, but sometimes that is just not enough. There is many fishing enthusiasts out there that are willing to go far out of their way to experience new kinds of fishing. These guys prove to be quite the daredevils as their adventure takes them far into the big blue.

Billy Skipper and his friend, Cooper Meyers, were out fishing near Amelia Island, Florida, on April 2 when they spotted a great white shark. “Myself and my friend Cooper Meyers were fishing at the Jetties and decided to go out a bit further and fish the buoys just offshore when we spotted him on the surface,” Skipper told Storyful. Despite this encounter, OSEARCH’s global shark tracker did not detect any great white sharks in the region, according to local reports A version of this video with sound can be watched below.

Sometimes, all you need is an adventure such as the one these guys experienced to show you that any sport or hobby can turn into quite the story if your willing to put a little effort. For these guys it all turned out well as they live to share their remarkable story of their encounter with the glorious, merciless, Great White Sharks of the Big Blue.

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