French 19-Year-Old Records Anti-Muslim Tirade at Bus Stop

StoryfulPublished: April 3, 201710 views
Published: April 3, 2017

Reda Ait-mouraghdane recorded another man’s anti-Muslim rant at a bus stop in Metz, France, on March 15 after he asked the man, who was standing next to him, when the next bus would come. “All the time Arabs come to ask you questions, I am not at your service! We are neither above nor below, we are equal. Arabs are always asking you to suck their dicks,” said the man off-screen. “Arabs are always pissing us off.” Reda then says, “Ok, so you’re a bit racist.” The man responds, “Well yeah, over time.” Later on the man says, “I’m not racist. I’m against Islam. I’m fine with Arabs so long as they’re not Muslim.” Reda, who is 19, asserts that he was only asking for the bus times, though the man goes on to say that Arabs are always asking about “cookie discounts,” and that “French women, blond, red heads, brunette, white, they all sleep with Arab men while we have our throats cut.” “We’re not even allowed to talk about Islam, it’s forbidden,” says the man. “Oh? We’re talking about it right now,” says Reda. “Yes, because you’re alone,” comes the response. “If there were five or six of you I wouldn’t dare.”

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