Goose Does 'Happy Dance' In Children's Pool

HappyWingsSanctuary Published March 31, 2017 20,692 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDon't you just hate it when you go to the pool and every fiber of your body is telling you to just jump, but you dunk one toe in and realize the water is colder than the farthest corners of the planet?

It is disappointing to find you favorite fun place colder than ice but what can you do? You just sit around and wait for it to reach the perfect temperature for some splashing. But what if the water is scratchy?

This <a href="" target="_blank">goose</a> apparently is preparing the water for someone else to dunk in it. We see it “tenderizing" the water to remove all possible scratchiness off it and warming it up as she goes along. She is quite professional about it really, really dedicated to preparing the pool for dunking.

This <a href="" target="_blank">goose</a> is so professional, she even makes a taste test, to make sure the water is tenderized just right, at the perfect temperature and with zero scratchiness left in it. We gotta say, we admire her work enthusiasm and ethics. Bravo!

And in case you were wondering, how can we know when the goose is done preparing the water in the pool, we will tell you to just look at her face. The moment she has done her job, she will stop with a wide smile on her beak!


  • missvirgule, 2 years ago

    She probably would have LOVED to have deeper water :-)

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    • HappyWingsSanctuary, 2 years ago

      Oh don't worry! They have a 2 acre pond too but they all love their individual kiddie pools just to play in!!

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