Mom With Stage 4 Brain Cancer Given Days To Live. But Then Church Starts Praying and MIRACLE Happens

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Published: March 30, 2017Updated: March 31, 2017

Ten years ago, Ashley Hallord was in a good spot in her life. She had a wonderful marriage to new husband David. She was expecting her first baby. And everything was on the up and up. But when she discovered a lump on the back of her neck before soon becoming pregnant, she blew it off as being nothing more than a swollen lymph node.

However, the pain worsened over the next several months and at the 32-week mark in her pregnancy, doctors delivered the terrifying news that the lump was stage IV brain cancer. Doctors determined the rare cancer was aggressive and deadly.

At 33-weeks, her son was delivered so she could start treatment as soon as possible. Miraculously, he did not need to be sent to the NICU and was considered healthy enough to go home immediately.

Her biopsy results showed the cancer had spread to her brain, liver, and lungs and the brain tumor was inoperable. A major dose of radiation was administered after being told she would die without treatment. Doctors told her to make the most of each moment because she wouldn’t live much longer.

It was then that she turned to prayer to help heal her body from the deadly disease. She and her family got their church involved, and members began praying for her, too.

After a return to the radiologists for a body scan, Ashley was told her cancer was gone. Without a trace. She was shocked beyond recognition having been told she would surely die just a year earlier.

Now, 10 years later, Ashley has three children and is embracing every single day with a grateful heart to the Almighty Creator.

“I credit my recovery to God, 100 percent,” Ashley said

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