Baby Born With Large Facial Cleft Proves Life is Beautiful

nollygrioPublished: March 30, 2017Updated: April 3, 20173 views
Published: March 30, 2017Updated: April 3, 2017

Mark and Mary Gundrum felt devastated when they learned their son Dominic would be born with a facial cleft.

Far more severe than a split in the palate, this situation let something even more concerning happen – as the baby’s brain was developing, it decided to use the divide in Dom’s nose area to grow.

When he was born, the boy had part of his gray matter sitting in a sack right between his eyes.

Doctors knew what had to be done, but that didn’t make the decision easy.

A surgery to correct a facial cleft is challenging, considering what’s at stake – the brain, the eyes, the sinuses, the mouth.

This was on top of the already tough decision over Dominic’s life. The Gundrums already have seven children and there was talk of terminating the pregnancy. The answer was a clear “NO!”

With no real threat to the child’s life, the doctors were convinced his condition could be corrected.

And as for little Dominic, he remained happy and content throughout. When the big day came, the remaining nine members of the Gundrum crew were on pins and needles.

Thankfully, the baby survived, the deformity was fixed and the newest member of this growing clan was ready to come home. Another medical miracle thanks to science and a faithful spirit.

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