Selena Gomez Kisses a LUCKY Guy, and It's NOT The Weeknd!

HollyscoopPublished: March 30, 20177 views
Published: March 30, 2017

Is Selena Gomez cheating on her knight in shining armor The Weeknd with Argentinian boys?!?! This can’t be, I mean the couple was just spotted out expressing major PDA and their hands were all over each other! But when the weekend is away… Selena Gomez will play!! Play nice, that is, with her adoring fans!! As if we didn’t love Selena enough, she is giving us even more reasons to prove she is the greatest to her fans! Sel is in Argentina with the weekend since he is on the Argentinian leg of his tour. While she was out and about in Buenos Aires, Argentina she stopped to meet and greet some fans and one young guy got the experience of a lifetime with Selena! While she was posing for pictures with the boy she gave him a sweet little kiss on the head! Very matronly and innocent, nothing crazy! Plus the boy was a teenager, definitely out of Selena’s league and well illegal!! Okay, so it was more of a Hollywood cheek kiss she gave him, but we know that boy’s friends are going to be all sorts of jealous!! The photo was posted to social media and you know what Selena did? She liked it and commented on it! The caption read: El amor de mi vida, “The love of my life” and she commented with a heart-eyed smiley emoji!!! Can you even comprehend this?? Like seriously, I’d love to be this kid… this is the most epic thing to happen ever!!! In addition to making dreams come true and traveling the world with her beau, Selena has a lot to be excited about in one day, because the netflix project she helped produce, “!3 Reasons Why” comes out on March 31st! That’s one day from now in the US! So will Selena quickly jet set back to the US for the premiere? Is there even going to be a premiere? We aren’t sure but we do know that she also contributed music to the series! Selena covers Yazoo’s 1982 song, “Only You” in the series! She teased fans with a snippet of her rendition of the song on Twitter and we’ve got to say she sounds absolutely amazing! This is her first solo “performance” or song if you will since 2015! Are you guys excited for Thirteen Reasons Why to hit Netflix? And are you totally jealous of this lucky fan who got to hug and get a kiss from Selena?? How’d you react if Selena did this for you?? I’d melt and not be able to talk, that I know! Sound off in the comments below!

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