Will Blac Chyna Give Rob Kardashian Baby #2?

HollyscoopPublished: March 30, 20178 views
Published: March 30, 2017

Is Rob Kardashian already ready for more children? It’s only been five months since he and Blac Chyna’s daughter Dream was born and already he is hinting at wanting to make more baby K’s. I’ve got to be honest, I think baby Dream is THE CUTEST baby out of Kris Jenner’s grandkids, Saint is a close second, and Rob has totally taken fatherhood in stride and seems to be every bit the doting dad. So, I’m wondering is he really ready to add another bundle of joy to his life, and with who?? His latest Instagram posts definitely point to him wanting more kids! In his latest installment of Dream Kardashian photos, Rob posted these two pics side by side. His first caption said: “Baby Dream! Thank you God.” A pretty standard dad caption, but the next photo he posted and the caption that went with it got my brain going into overdrive! This photo was captioned: “Now I understand why my mom had 6 kids!! Babies are the greatest gift of Life!! I made this Beautiful little MAMA! Love you baby Dream!” Okay, so this might seem like he’s just really happy with his baby and can’t imagine what life was like before she came into the world… but let’s look at the wording a bit closer! So the “Now I know why my mom had six kids” part definitely hints at Rob wanting that amount or more. Why have one when you can have six or more? And the “Babies are the greatest gift of life” part… well we all know babies grow up and the only way to experience the baby years are to keep at it and having more babies! And of course the part where he says, “I made this Little Mama” clearly shows how smitten he is with himself for doing that. Again, Dream is adorable and a very pretty baby… but Rob you know “team work, makes the dream work” OOOO see what I did there! Does this mean Rob is trying to get back with Chyna to make more babies? Is this his way of subtly hinting at Chyna that he is ready to try again despite them being broken up? Or is this Rob’s PSA to all women out there that are ready to have a baby?? We can’t say for sure, but we can infer Rob is def wanting to have more babies! If he takes a page out of his families book he could have 6, or 3 like Kourtney did or 2 like Kim did. Now we know Kourtney couldn’t wait to get pregnant again after her first son, Mason… and that all three of her babies are with Scott Disick, her on again off again BF of years! Kim on the other hand got preggo before she married Kanye and we all know how difficult that was for her. Then she had a second one which was even more of a high risk pregnancy and delivery… and she NOW she’s revealing on KUWTK that she is ready to try for a third baby!! The Kardashians are fertile that’s for sure!! I want to know what you think about this speculation that Rob could be gearing up for baby number 2? I think he should wait to she hits her terrible twos, then rethink the choice for another baby!! Tell me your thoughts in the comments down below!

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