Is this Kim Kardashian or Kris Jenner? We Can't Tell!!

HollyscoopPublished: March 30, 20171 views
Published: March 30, 2017

You know the saying, “Like mother, like daughter” well one family just took the meaning of this to a whole new level! Like a we’re seeing double level! The Kardashians are known for making statements when it comes to fashion, makeup, TV … pretty much anything and everything they can make a statement with, they will, and Kim’s recent photo shoot was no different! Kim shed, well herself, and took over Kris Jenner’s body!! Just look at this picture of Kris, I mean Kim, I mean Kris… I mean… you know what I mean! Kim got rid of her long locks and traded them in for a shaggy pixie cut, just like momma! And of course she had to add her own touch to it by making the black ensemble very sexy! She captioned the pic “Kris Jenner Vibes.” We aren’t sure what the shoot is for, whether this is a mom-daughter look-alike photo shoot, but what we do know is… despite the sexy leather ensemble Kim rocks… we know Kris could rock it too! Kris keeps up with her daughters when it comes to walking red carpets and showing off her cleavage, fitting into skin-tight dresses, and enhancing her ass-ets, her assets! Kris might be in her sixties, but she’s still in her 20’s/30’s at heart! Side note: it makes sense why Kris snagged such a younger boyfriend, nearly 30 years younger! There were rumors swirling this week that the couple had called it quits, but that is in fact FALSE! The couple is still very much together according to TMZ. Now this isn’t the first time the Kardash fam has dressed up like their favorite family member. In face Kris actually dressed up like Kim for her 35th birthday! This was when Kim was preggo with Saint West, and Kanye put together a surprise birthday bash for Kim with all her friends and family and all of the guests had to rock a baby bump, just like KIM! And we can’t help but point out that Kylie has evolved to look very similar to Kim over the past couple of years! It’s almost like they’re twins… just a decade plus apart! But there was that one time Kim changed her face to look like Kylie… Clearly, the Kardashians love the way they all look and aspire to be each other! Is this a weird photoshoot for Kim to do? I mean she is kind of sexualizing her mom, but then again I don’t think Kris minds. Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

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