Unhappy Horses In The Worst Horsemanship That You Ever Saw!

nikosbrihmaniPublished: March 29, 2017Updated: March 31, 201710,546 views
Published: March 29, 2017Updated: March 31, 2017

Horses are beautiful and intelligent creatures, but unfortunately, not everyone can train and communicate with them properly. We must follow certain rules if we want to achieve a certain level of discipline and order in the right way.

Never forget each horse has its original character, we just adjust to that character to improve the horse to achieve results!

Essential for every horse rider is to make sure that he is not unintentionally giving mixed signals to the horse. All too often we see people relying on pain and force and not understanding their horse. Try to think about why the horse won’t listen.

Is he tired because he’s been worked all day?
Is he just having a bad day?

Either way, it’s important to remember that the horse is your partner and also has their feelings.

The video below is a pure example of how we shouldn’t treat horses. We see poor riders and unhappy horses.

The footage’s not at all amazing 🙁

Also, the riders need to learn how to put their heels down and stay in the saddle while jumping. In other words very poor horsemanship in this video!

What is your opinion?

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