Inspiring Story About Horse Ridding!

nikosbrihmani Published March 29, 2017 857 Plays $2.86 earned

Rumble This lovely video is about one girl and her dream to become a professional horse rider. Persistence is a characteristic that we should have, and this girl is an obvious example of that.

The video below is an example that dreams come true!

Emma starts to ride at the age of four and since then she has an incredible relationship with the horses. She has never owned a horse, but she loaned three horses in the period of 2007-2011. Emma attended two riding schools in Scotland. First in Rosemount and a livery yard “Mindfulton” at the end. Interesting is that she didn’t ride a horse till she was 11 years old because the riding school only have ponies, so this sweet girl never got the chance to ride a horse till she was 11. She starts to ride a horse at the age of 16.

We hope that this video will helps to anyone who feels discouraged <3

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