Adorable Puppy Struggles To Carry Newspaper

CatersTVPublished: March 29, 2017234,439 views
Published: March 29, 2017

Who said small puppies don't have big dreams? This persistent puppy refused to be beaten when fetching a Sunday newspaper almost twice her size, and she wanted to make her ancestors proud and master the newspaper fetching technique at an early age.

Gracie the adorable Labrador decided to follow in her mum and grandmother's footsteps by collecting the paper for owner Peter Schulz. But, things proved to be a tad too much for the clumsy little pup, although we have to commend her persistence. Her life motto must be: Never give up (even if it's just candy, hold near what you truly love!)And we totally agree, because you always have to start out small to eventually get where you're heading in life. Or in this case, just manage to fetch the newspaper all the way into the house.

After getting to the end of the drive in Jupiter, Florida, USA, the four-month-old tries to wrap her jaws around the pages. Before carrying it more than a couple feet, the heavy publication slips from her teeth and on to the ground. But that's not the end for Gracie the dreamer! That's just a lesson, and next time she will get even further until eventually she becomes the best fetcher in the world! Or in the neighborhood, we don't know her ambitions.

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