They Were Born Holding Hands, And Since Then, These Twins Have Been Inseparable

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Published: March 29, 2017Updated: March 30, 2017

Sarah was excited to give birth to twin girls after 57 days of bed rest.

On May 9th 2014 just before the Mother's Day, Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite were born were born 45 seconds apart.

Moments later, Doctors and other hospital staffs witnessed an unbelievable bond between them.

They were stunned to see the twin girls holding hands when the nurse held the babies up to show Sarah.

Jenna and Jillian shared a special bond even before their birth. An ultrasound at 19 weeks revealed that the twins were monoamniotic. They shared a single amniotic sac, which meant their mother had to go on 57 days of bed rest just to make sure they would be born alive

Twin suffering from this condition have less chances of survival, however Jenna and Jillian defied all odds .The girls needed to be removed by C-Section to guarantee their safety. And when they came out – they were holding hands. Sisters in the womb, and now sisters in life.

Two years later, it’s still the same. Yes, the siblings who showed the world that even the unborn could and can be strong for each other are inseparable.

The gals make every day for their loving Mom and Dad a holiday. They are special – and not just because of how they came into our lives. They are special because they are happy, healthy kids.

The incredible bond between those twin girls have amazed thousands.

Sarah & Bill hopes their twin girls would be able to defeat any challenges in their life with their built-in friendship

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