Dad And Daughter Pull Off Immaculate Dancing Routine

Storyful Published March 29, 2017 439,922 Plays

Rumble Josh Rinder and his six-year-old daughter Audrey are melting hearts worldwide with their adorable dance routines. The duo choreographs dances to songs they both enjoy, and the song of choice for this particular video was Justin Timberlake’s ’Can’t Stop The Feeling’. The video has over 198,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

They took the chart-topper to new heights with their adorable dance routine, topped off with matching hot pink outfits. The audience went wild over the duo and we are melting over here, they are so cute!

The video got so much viral Internet attention, Justin Timberlake himself wrote: “Ok. This just got real! This is the cutest damn thing EVER. Enjoy... #CantStopTheFeeling⁰⁰” on his Twitter back in May 2016 with the link of their YouTube video, just a few days after Josh uploaded this clip.

This is not the first dancing routine that the adorable duo has performed for the public of the Internet. They had their first viral moment back in 2014 when they choreographed and performed a routine to Taylor Swift's “Shake It Off”.

Bonding sessions between fathers and their daughters is extremely important, because other than growing the bond between a child and her parent, it teaches a girl what true love really feels like and little Audrey will grow to be a confident young woman, thanks to her dance routines with Dad.

If you are into dad and daughter dances, take a look at this next video, showing a similar case but imagine fast forwarding for a few decades.

This is how a future bride cherishes last moments with cancer-stricken father.

This dance is tinged with a shade of sorrow and nostalgia for this young woman, but it also brings her an enormous amount of happiness. The devoted daughter organized a premature father-daughter wedding dance for her cancer-stricken father after accepting he wouldn’t be around for her big day – and tragically he died less than 48 hours later. For as long as Meredith Parnell has dreamed about the day she would get married, she always looked forward to the moment she’d get to dance with her dad, Lynn, in front of all her family and friends. Even though she was single at the time, after realizing that she might not have her father present at a wedding in the future she borrowed a dress from a friend and paid a visit to her father. Soon after her father died after 12 years of battling prostate cancer.

Sometimes life can be a little too harsh on us, but unfortunately, this is the way we are able to grow and thrive as people. One of the worst blows life gives us is the bad health of our loved ones. It’s hard to accept the fact that sometimes it just won’t go away although it’s of the utmost importance to never give up and to carry on fighting. How do you come to terms with knowing that your loved ones aren’t going to be with you forever, until the end of time?


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